Movement:Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival Photo Slideshow

Movement 2011 was another success. The organizers (Paxahau) boast another record in sales this year. Attendance to the event more than doubled in 2011 than in 2005, the first year tickets had to be purchased in order to attend. This year, 99,282 tickets were reported to be sold. Luckily, not everyone showed up to the festival at once seeing as Hart Plaza can only hold some 40,000 people. 😉

My favorite acts this year didn’t deviate far from the Red Bull Music Academy stage. I was first introduced to Beardyman at Ultra Music Festival in Miami earlier this year and wasn’t disappointed by his performance at Movement. One of the best acts in Detroit this year. I’ll stick my neck out to say that. Right before Beardyman, Eliot Lipp put on a set that had an awkward beginning, something more out of a festival in the 50s I’d imagine (lots of old tunes), but he realized that he was in Detroit after all and it’s the year 2011 so quickly he picked up the pace of his set and finished out strong. Though I was weak from dancing so much by the end of it.

Innocently walking by the Movement: Torino stage, I was caught up in the sounds Dabura was blasting at an ear-popping volume but I stayed just long enough to be able to hear something other than a monotonous ringing for the rest of the day. Anthony Attalla, of course, didn’t leave anyone not in a sweat, even himself after his 2 hour 15 minute set underground on the Made In Detroit stage, one of my favorites! Fatboy Slim closed out the festival with a mix of the new and the old. But definitely the jamming. And I was very impressed with MiMOSA‘s energy on stage. I think he was loving moving more than the crowd (but don’t doubt that the crowd wasn’t sweaty and lovin’ it). Flying Lotus had an awesome set but due to time-constraints finished a little weak.

Still on the way, interview with Fatboy Slim and videos of select few sets. Enjoy the photos till then. 😉 Photographs are all in chronological order (some good ones of MiMOSA and Flying Lotus are toward the back!). Photos are only from Sunday and Monday as I was out of town the first day of the festival. So sad to have missed Hudson Mohawke twice now… :/

pssst. Click on the photo to go to the slideshow…!

Movement, better known as D.E.M.F.!

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