February 26th Show

So sorry to keep you waiting so long kiddies but we’ve had a major meltdown with the computer. Pretty much the laptop that I was putting the show together from was my high school graduation present (keep in mind I’ve already graduated college) so the thing was waaaaay old. On top of that it got rained on a few days back.  Soooo needless to say, my files are pretty much gone. Luckily I have some music saved on my external hard-drive and am putting the show together from the WDET studio. 🙂

Although, stipulation #2 (and this one is big). The den will unfortunately go on an indefinite hiatus in April since I’m leaving the country and will be focusing on other forms of audio production thereafter. Soooo sorry kiddies (#2). So here is the next show after Feb. 19th with no playlist as of yet, I have to work on recovering rewriting that. The show is still daaaang good tho.

The third hour is all GERMAN TECHNO! Incredible.

Hour 1

Hour 2

Hour 3 – Deutsche Stunde (German Hour)

This is what happens when your computer bites the dust. :/


~ by thedendetroit on March 10, 2011.

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