February 12th Show – C.Phear

Cheers darlings. Excited to bring you this week’s show cause we’ve got C.Phear on in the third hour! He came into the studio in Midtown, Detroit to do a live-spin and afterward said it was one of the best he’s ever done. I’m excited to hear that so you better be too! His spin is available for download here and the same link is at the end of the post. Also, if you like what you hear, check out the dates/venues of his show below the third hour’s audio player.

Hour 1

21:00:00 0:07:15 The Blue Hour Killer Loop Communicate 1998
21:07:15 0:04:11 Want A Life Carl Cox Mixed Live, 2nd Session 2002
21:11:26 0:02:43 Thebe Ben Browning Parts Unknown Subject Detroit Vol 3 2005
21:14:10 0:07:51 Freek Funk Luke Slater Freek Funk 1998
21:22:00 0:05:10 Play Back Pt. 3 – Session 1 DJ Shufflemaster The Sound of the Third Season 2002
21:27:09 0:06:27 Heebie Jeebies Voodeux The Paranormal 2009
21:33:35 0:05:45 Pants Orbital Blue Album 2004
21:39:19 0:02:05 Heavenly (Original Mix – Interlude) E-Dancer Heavenly 1998
21:41:22 0:02:12 Orange/Minus 1 Richie Hawtin Decks, EFX & 909 1999
21:43:33 0:05:31 Don’t Believe The Hype Boys Noize Oi Oi Oi 2007
22:48:58 0:09:19 Problemz De Amour (Carl Craig Remix) Alexander Robotnik Designer Music V1 2000


Hour 2

22:00:00 0:04:04 Look Into The Heart Now Clark Totems Flare 2009
22:04:01 0:04:43 You’re Fucking Crazy Matthew Dear Leave Luck To Heaven 2003
22:08:42 0:07:17 Fugu Simian Mobile Disco Delicacies 2010
22:16:43 0:06:10 Spacey Bongo Cutlab Fabric 14 2003
22:22:53 0:06:08 Soma Deadmau5 For Lack Of A Better Name 2009
22:29:00 0:06:05 Strings of Life (Original) Derrick May single 1988
22:35:05 0:05:20 Dem Young Sconies Moodymann Silentintroduction 1997
22:40:24 0:06:04 Deadend Motel Voodeux The Paranormal 2009
22:46:26 0:03:02 Comet Course Flying Lotus Los Angeles 2008
22:49:29 0:07:57 Simultaneous Bassnectar Mesmerizing The Ultra 2005
22:57:26 0:03:07 Orange Wedge The Chemical Brothers Surrender 1999


C.Phear spinning a storm at the WDET studio in Midtown, Detroit. 02.10.11

Hour 3 – C.Phear

23:00:00 1:00:27 den Live Spin Casey Phear Detroit Dubstep, Dubatomic, Koncepticon 2011

And also if you’d like, the entire third hour as it is on the player above may be downloaded.

C.Phear_Spin the original mix by C.Phear (no interview).

Upcoming Shows (straight from emails with Casey):

February/12 Free 2.63 @ Blondies 2281 W. Fort St. Detroit, MI

February/25 Techno Bass Get Down @ Club Sin (above Blondie’s) 2281 W. Fort St. Detroit, MI

February/26 Gritty Sh*t w’ Nit Grit @ 10 CRITICS 1400 Porter St. Detroit, MI

March/19 Return of PLUR @ Exotic Zone Gallery 7500 Oakland Ave. Detroit, MI

March/25 D.W.M.C. (Detroit Winter Music Conference) @ White Star 9819 Conant St. Hamtramck, MI

April/9 Temporary Autonomous Zone (DPS Show) @ The Works 1846 Michigan Ave. Detroit, MI

April/30 Regeneration @ The Works 1846 Michigan Ave. Detroit, MI

He also just started a weekly at Rum Runners in Lansing, with a big monthly show 2nd Wednesday of the month.

And he started another recurring event at Club Sin which began last Saturday.



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