January 15th Show – Loft Party


Loft party January 15th at the co-host’s loft in greektown, Joanna Nazimek. Solid. Technical difficulties and all called for a last-minute line-up change. So instead of Kyle Hall and Drew Pompa we had a few awesome randoms show up to keep the party going.

Only listed act that played was C.Phear of Detroit Dubstep. His name is Casey Phear and he really got into the show he spun January 7th. He’s got the first 40 minutes of the show. Check the times listed for DJ Serax and A.Garcia. The DJs range from various dubstep styles to melodic chill minimal. All that in the second hour.

Hour 1 Rob Perry took over the dance floor and everyone got groovy baby. We caught only a short bit of his set on tape so he’s at the last 16 min of the first hour.

Hour 3, regular den spin. Good song’s are the 1st – Matthew Dear and Daisha, Hands Up For Detroit and 5th – Men with Sticks, 3rd Eye.

And so, with no further adieu…

Hour 1

21:00:00 0:04:34 Smile Around The Face Four Tet Everything Ecstatic 2005
21:04:27 0:03:58 Running From The Cops Phantogram Eyelid Movies 2009
21:08:20 0:06:57 The Whistler Claude Vonstroke Beware of the Bird 2006
21:15:15 0:03:52 Poison Lips Vitalic Flashmob 2009
21:19:02 0:06:29 3rd Eye Men With Sticks Fabric 14 2003
21:25:32 0:05:07 Denmark The Chemical Brothers Come With Us 2002
21:30:38 0:05:19 Flow Gooffee (Torro Torro Remix) single 2010
21:35:58 0:05:56 Do It Proper Chicken Lips (Justin Robertson RMX) From Saturday to Sunday Vol 5 (Sunday) 2004
21:41:53 0:16:28 Rob Perry LEAK (Lansing Electronic Artist Kollective) 2011

Hour 2

22:00:20 0:37:18 C. Phear Casey Phear Detroit Dubstep
22:37:38 0:16:25 DJ Serax Jason Richards Detroit Dubstep, Soundcloud
22:54:04 0:05:57 A.Garcia Andy Garcia Docile Recordings, Cryovac Records, Detroit Threads

Hour 3

23:00:00 0:06:16 Hands Up For Detroit Matthew Dear & Daisha Hands Up For Detroit 1999
23:06:14 0:04:32 Hold On (Totally Krossed Out Remix) The Chain Gang of 1974 Hold On (Totally Krossed Out Remix) 2010
23:10:45 0:05:19 Flow (Torro Torro Remix) Gooffee single 2010
23:16:05 0:04:45 Strange Things The Count and Sinden Strange Things Elephant 1234 CDM 2010
23:20:46 0:06:29 3rd Eye Men With Sticks Fabric 14 2003
23:27:14 0:09:28 The White Flash (Trentemøller Remix) Modeselektor Godspeed/The White Flash 2008
23:36:40 0:05:07 Denmark The Chemical Brothers Come With Us 2002
23:41:47 0:04:34 Yippyo-ay The Presets Apocalypso 2008
23:46:14 0:04:59 Sleep Deprivation Simian Mobile Disco Attack Decay Sustain Release 2007
23:51:07 0:04:23 A.M. maersk Comin From Tha D – Blueprint 2000
23:55:31 0:05:00 Ritmo Juarez Matias Aguayo Ay Ay Ay 2009

Oh of course! – photos to come later…


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