December 11th Show

Bought tickets for D25 today! Seriously the last splurge I’m going to make this year, but I’m going out with a bang. So pumped for this one! Let’s just hope The Works doesn’t allow this to get busted… And so, the third hour has two tracks from Kevin Saunderson and Carl Craig who will be there, then a 50 minute mix from Munga who performed for the Gary Spring’s Hunting Club party last Saturday (i.e. the day this show aired).
The third weirdcore compilation is out so there is one song featured from that in the second hour. Mash-ups, Detroit techno, Turkish, and African music are all represented this show as well. So get listening!

Hour 1

Portishead Glory Box 0:05:09 Dummy 1994
Thievery Corporation Lebanese Blonde 0:03:22 The Mirror Conspiracy 2000
A.Roe Djema 0:03:18 CNN Turk müzik (Hayatın Sesleri)
Karsh Kale Break Of Dawn 0:07:26 Liberation 2003
Groove Armada Suntoucher 0:06:32 Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub) 2001
Madvillain Meat Grinder 0:02:12 Madvillainy 2004
Scratch Perverts Dogz and Sledgez (Million Dan) 0:02:37 Watch The Ride 2007
M.I.A. World Town 0:03:53 Kala 2007
Example Hooligans (VIP Mix) 0:03:37 Won’t Go Quietly 2010
Josh Dahlberg Ink Flamed 0:04:10 Ego/Timid 2007
Junior Caldera Suddenly 0:03:30 Debut 2009
Trentemøller Rykketid 0:05:12 The Last Resort 2006
Style Of Eye Banned 0:07:23 Duck, Cover & Hold 2009
Girl Talk Hands In The Air 0:04:20 Feed The Animals 200

Hour 2

J Dilla/The Beach Boys I’m Waiting For The Day 0:01:50 Pet Sounds – The Key of Dee 2007
Arling & Cameron Voulez-Vous? 0:04:21 Pink Panther’s Penthouse Party 1999
The Rapture Down For So Long 0:03:48 Pieces Of The People We Love 2006
The Whip Trash 0:06:20 X Marks Destination [Korea] 2009
Clark Rainbow Voodoo 0:04:35 Totems Flare 2009
Simian Mobile Disco Tits & Acid 0:04:04 Attack Decay Sustain Release 2007
Aaron Carl No No 0:02:43 Comin From Tha D – Blueprint 2000
Abteilung Ton (5Felix Rennefeld Remix) Wir Tanzen 0:04:42 From Saturday To Sunday Vol. 5 (Sunday) 2004
Africanism Imbalaye 0:02:17 Fabric 25 2005
Daedelus Nouveau Nova 0:03:37 Denies The Day’s Demise 2006
Cut Chemist A Peak In Time 0:04:52 The Audience’s Listening 2006
Stickybuds Bass Now VIP 0:06:11 single 2007
Cheb-I-Sabbah Alkher Illa Doffor (Bassnectar Remix) 0:05:53 Underground Communication 2007
Yoda Remote Funky Blueberry 0:04:35 Weirdcore 3 2010

Hour 3D25 & Munga

Paperclip People Oscillator (Original Version) 0:04:59 Sessions CD1 mixed by Carl Craig 1996
Kevin Saunderson Subway II 0:02:47 History Elevate 2007
Munga Brains Are Nasty Things 0:52:54 Mix 2010

~ by thedendetroit on December 13, 2010.

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