December 4th Show

Back in Detroit and going out till the wee-hours of the morning. One of the last few events I attended made me want to put together a techno/house hour made more by club DJs rather than those that concern themselves with LPs. So techno/house music (and many many Detroit DJs) can be found in the second hour. Listen to the original mix of “Hands Up For Detroit” made popular by Fedde le Grand!
The third hour is a mix by Arthur Oskan who performed at the Liberal Arts Gallery November 27th alongside John Overfiend, Steve Stoll, Wood McBride, etc. Good schtuff.

Hour 1

Fever Ray Seven 0:05:10 Fever Ray 2009
Bullfrog feat. Kid Koala Shine 0:03:36 Bullfrog 2001
Tobacco Tape Eater 0:02:24 Fucked Up Friends 2008
Paul Van Dyk Never Forget 0:05:27 Reflections 2003
Joakim Spiders 0:06:15 Milky Ways 2009
Madvillain All Caps 0:02:10 Madvillainy 2004
Egyptrixx Chrysalis Records (feat. Trust) 0:03:22 Bible Eyes 2011
Einum Of Flugan 0:07:23 Weirdcore 2 2010
Tahiti 80 Darlin’ (John Talabot’s Oscuro Baile Remix) 0:07:52 single 2010
Thievery Corporation Facing East 0:03:44 The Richest Man In Babylon 2002
Vitalic Repair Machines 0:03:46 OK Cowboy 2005
Mylo Muscle Cars 0:03:41 Destroy Rock & Roll 2004
Eliot Lipp Rap Tight 0:04:28 Tacoma Mocking Bird 200

Hour 2 – Techno/House/Detroit

Steve Frisco Z Source 0:03:14 Juan Atkins: Legends Vol. 1 2001
Techfunkers Don’t Stop 0:07:14 Electrophunk 1996
Knartz 4 Egoexpress (John Acquaviva) 0:04:24 Back 2 Basics 2005
Cassius Cactus 0:08:06 15 Again 2007
Vibe Residents feat. Dragonfly The DJ’s Calling 0:04:24 Fabric 14 2003
Matthew Dear Don & Sherri 0:03:25 Asa Breed 2007
Reese & Santonio Bounce Your Body To The Box 0:05:22 Elevator 1988
Paperclip People Parking Garage Politics 0:05:38 The Secret Tapes Of Dr. Eich 1996
Kyle Hall Tomorrow Is The Day 0:05:22 The Water Is Fine EP 2008
Woody McBride Basketball Heroes 0:06:52 single 1996
Matthew Dear & Daisha (Disco D) Hands Up For Detroit (Original) 0:06:16 Hands Up For Detroit 1999

Hour 3Arthur Oskan

Dutch Oven Heatwave Mix July 2010
Link to Oskan’s soundcloud (where you can download the above track if you like it oh so much!)


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