November 27th Show

Music, festivals, DJs, Europe, killer. This week’s show I’m finally airing the two interviews with locals that I did while abroad. Would have done more but it’s not easy carrying my mic and laptop everywhere to do so… :/
About 31 min into the show is the interview with Bartek Szadkowski from Kraków, Poland. Twenty four year-old (though he won’t admit it, lol) economic student at Akademia Ekonomiczna, Kraków. He talks about the music he listens to, where he hears of new music from, festivals in that city and elsewhere in Poland.
Then around 33 minutes into the third hour is the interview with Ashleigh Steel from Surrey-Guildford, United Kingdom. Ash is on her last year studying tourism-management at the University of Surrey. She gives us the low-down on Burning Man in the states, where to find the cute Brazilian men in London and other clubs and in the area. 😉
BLOOPERS at the end of the show!

Hour 1

Karsh Kale Manifest (Rara Avis Remix) 0:05:15 Manifest Remixes 2006
Azeda Booth Lobster Quadrille 0:06:56 In Flesh Tones 2009
FusedMARc WTLGD (Digitonal Slumber Mix) 0:04:56 Contraction EP 2005
The Books Motherless Bastard 0:04:11 Thought For Food 2002
Nicole Conte Bossa Per Due 0:05:50 Pink Panther’s Penthouse Party 2001
Air Night Sight 0:04:21 Pocket Symphony 2007
Benga B4 The Dual 0:05:28 Diary Of An Afro Warrior 2009
Bartek Szadkowski interview pt. 1 2010
The Youngsters Smile 0:09:34 Involver 2004
Bartek Szadkowski interview pt. 2 2010
Crystal Castles Suffocation 0:04:02 Crystal Castles (II) 2010
Dabrye Viewer Discretion (feat. Invincible & Finale) 0:03:00 Two/Three 2006
Laurent Garnier Downfall 0:05:36 Unreasonable Behavior 2000

Hour 2

The Orb Delta Mk II 0:07:00 Orblivion 1997
Blank Blue All The Shallow Deep (Dntel Remix) 0:03:49 Ubiquity Records Summer 2009 Exclusives 2009
Jean Michel Jarre Oxygene (Part IV) 0:04:15 Oxygene 1977
Spiritualized Shine A Light 0:07:16 Lazer Guided Melodies 1992
Lord Scrummage Funeral London 0:02:15 From The Future 2009
Tobacco Side 8 (Big Gums Version) 0:03:17 Fucked Up Friends 2008
Luke Slater Walking The Line 0:05:21 Freek Funk 1998
Booka Shade Body Language (interpretation) 0:04:59 Movements 2006
Caribou After Hours 0:06:15 Andorra 2007
Hot Chip And I Was A Boy From School 0:05:20 The Warning 2006
!!! Break In Case Of Anything 0:03:40 Myth Takes 2007
Blockhead Attack The Doctor 0:05:47 The Music Scene 2010

Hour 3

Paul van Dyk Reflections 0:07:28 Reflections 2003
Wink Are You There… 0:04:24 Herehear 1998
The Crystal Method Wide Open 0:07:23 Legion Of Boom 2004
Carl Cox Angel’s People 0:06:37 Phuture 2000 1999
The Chemical Brothers Burst Generator 0:06:53 We Are The Night 2007
United Future Organization Planet Plan (Carl Craig Mix) 0:09:22 Designer Music VI 2000
Ashleigh Steel interview 2010
J Dilla/The Beach Boys Lets Go Away For A While 0:02:39 Pet Sounds – The Key of Dee 2007
RJD2 Good Times Roll Pt.1 0:02:58 The Horror 2003
Beat Pharmacy Velocity 0:07:15 Constant Pressure 2006
M.I.A. It Takes A Muscle 0:03:00 Maya 2010
Bloopers 0:02:32 2010

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