October 30th Show

One day away from Halloween, it’s the October 30th show of the den. Cheers.

Hour 1

Parov Stelar Lost In Amsterdam 0:03:28 Shine 2007
Röyksopp The Alcoholic 0:05:13 Senior 2010
YéYé Ma Tendre Amie 0:03:12 Two Brains For Feet 2004
Dabrye Prospects (Marshall Law) 0:03:27 Instrmntl 2002
Major Lazer Cash Flow feat. Jah Dan 0:04:08 Guns Don’t Kill People… Lazers Do 2009
Blockhead Cherry Picker 0:06:22 Downtown Science 2005
Grand National Talk Amongst Yourselves (Remix) 0:10:23 Involver 2004
MGMT Boogie Down 0:03:34 Time To Pretend 2005
M.I.A. Come Around 0:03:54 Kala 2007
Gonjasufi Love Of Reign 0:02:40 A Sufi And A Killer 2010
Kinky Fuego En La Fábrica 0:02:53 Barracuda 2008
Abteilung Ton (5Felix Rennefeld Remix) Wir Tanzen 0:04:42 From Saturday To Sunday (Vol 5 – Sunday) 2004
Moonbootica Like A Riot 0:05:41 Moonlight Welfare 2007

Hour 2

Matthew Dear Little People (Black City) 0:09:21 Black City 2010
The Field Everyday 0:06:59 From Here We Go Sublime 2007
Black Moth Super Rainbow They Live In The Meadow 0:02:34 Dandelion Gum 2007
Bassnectar Leprrachauns Arise 0:06:01 Mesmerizing The Ultra 2005
Cut Chemist What’s The Altitude (feat. Hymnal) 0:04:24 The Audience’s Listening 2006
Pretty Lights Shining Bright Despite The Plight 0:05:56 Glowing In The Darkest Night 2010
Moby Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? 0:04:25 Play 1999
Hot Chip And I Was A Boy From School 0:05:20 The Warning 2006
LCD Soundsystem I Can Change 0:05:56 This Is Happening 2010
Lord Scrummage Snaketopus 0:03:07 From The Future 2009
Hudson Mohawke Velvet Peel 0:02:20 Polyfolk Dance 2009
Dan Deacon Wet Wings 0:02:53 Bromst 2009

~ by thedendetroit on November 16, 2010.

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