We Like Music Festival

We Like Music (we do) Festival! It’s going down Saturday September 18th. I’m posting this now cause I can only mention that it’s happening during Saturday night’s airing of the den. Get your ticket now if you want to pay $15 bucks (till noon the day of the show) otherwise you’ll have to dish out $20 at the door. But still, totally worth it for 12 hours of music from 21 artists including some art for the eyes as well as the ears.

First are a few performances from Madis One, Kyle Hall, Kevin Reynolds and more at the Old Miami during the day.

When the sun goes down it’s Jimmy Edgar, Mux Mool, Eliot Lipp, and Kraddy (solo project of former Glitch Mob member (and founder)) on stage at the Magic Stick.

Line up (found on last.fm)
Kyle Hall
Jimmy Edgar
Mux Mool
Eliot Lipp
Lord Scrummage
John Arnold
James T. Cotton
Kevin Reynolds
Madis One
A.M. Architect
DJ Dez
Leo 123
Green Meadows
Intricate Dialect
DJ Deadlines

Get all other information (including some free downloads) you seek at the We Like Music Festival website.

Damn, looks fun.


~ by thedendetroit on September 14, 2010.

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