September 11th Show

This one is going up lightening fast… usually shows don’t make it up on wordpress until after the Sunday night (technically Monday morning by that point) re-air which airs at midnight. But technicalities aside, this week’s show was one of the better put-together ones and I highly recommend you give it a listen if you’re indecisive and are debating which show you should listen to. Listen to this one then! Some great pumping tunes in the first hour while hour two features some Detroit/Michigan artists and also some of my absolute favorite tracks of the year.

p.s. There is no September 4th show as I left home-base and accidently left my microphone behind. On a positive note it gave me an extra week to work on the Sept. 11th show. 😉


Hour 1

Tobacco Heavy Makeup 0:04:45 Maniac Meat 2010
Vitalic La Rock 01 0:05:26 OK Cowboy 2005
Parov Stelar Chambermaid Swing 0:06:05 none
Alchemist Project Electro Corrida 0:05:55 none
The Bloody Beetroots Theolonius (King Voodoo) 0:04:50 Romborama 2009
Men With Sticks 3rd Eye 0:06:29 Fabric 14 2003
Mike Monday Toothing Warrior 0:03:45 Back 2 Basics 2005
Jeff Mills Alarms 0:01:16 Decks, EFX & 909 1999
Deadmau5 Hi Friend! 0:05:15 For Lack of a Better Name 2009
Spektrum (Tiefschwarz Dub) Kinda New 0:06:56 From Saturday to Sunday Vol. 5 (Sunday) 2004
Tanja Dankner Will I Ever (Jamie Lewis Dub Cut) 0:03:53 House of OM 2005
Paul Van Dyk Homage (feat. Jan Johnston) 0:03:44 Reflections 2003

Hour 2

Bassnectar Force of Suction 0:04:48 Mesmerizing the Ultra 2005
Nosaj Thing Caves 0:03:48 Drift 2009
Bibio S’Vive 0:04:06 Ambivalence Avenue 2009
Peaches Trick or Treat 0:03:15 I Feel Cream 2009
Supreme Beings of Leisure Good 0:04:04 11i 2008
Kevin Reynolds Anonymous Room At The Corridor Of Last Night 0:05:53 Deq Detroit Electronic Quarterly Vol. Winter ’05 2005
My Dear Disco My Dear Disco 0:04:54 Dancethink LP 2008
Hudson Mohawke Trykk 0:02:12 Butter 2009
M.I.A. Tell Me Why 0:04:11 MAYA 2010
Ratatat Mirando 0:03:52 LP3 2008
Cassius Toop Toop 0:02:48 15 Again 2007
Pretty Lights If I Could Feel Again 0:05:40 Passing By Behind Your Eyes 2009
!!! A New Name 0:04:55 Myth Takes 2007
Scratch Massive Soleil Noir 0:05:27 Time 2007

~ by thedendetroit on September 11, 2010.

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