Bio-rhythm display at the Dublin Science Gallery, Ireland.

In my search for things to do in Dublin, I chanced upon the Dublin Science Gallery which was hosting a free exhibit of audio-emitting devices designed to interact with the body to make a unique listening experience for those who took part in the displays. There were audio exhibits such as a vibration-cocoon, sound capsules, devices powered by electricity and heartbeats, etc. One of the more interesting displays was this table-platform that eminanted noise altered by the blocks that were placed on it. Even the rotation or movement of the block changed the overall sound produced by the display.

Said display was a bit on the electronic side of tastes so I thought I’d share with some listeners who might be interested. So the video is a short 2 min 30 sec clip of gallery-goers interacting with the “dj” creating a fake scene of a family relationship and what happens when certain members (blocks on the platform) are born or leave the family. Weird explanation, I know, so just watch the video!


~ by thedendetroit on September 7, 2010.

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