July 10th Show – KMFH

WDET studios got a little visit from KMFH (Kyle Motha-f*cking Hall) last week. The 18-year old wonder dj from Detroit is wrecking havoc on people’s brains with his electronic beats in Europe right now but he did a live spin and interview for the den before his departure. The interivew and spin are found in the second hour. An unedited, untouched version of the live spin is available to listen to as well below the audio player for that hour… You’re the shit Kyle, thanks again!

Hour 1

Air Tropical Disease 0:06:49 Love 2 2009
Vitalic La Rock 01 0:05:26 OK Cowboy 2005
Gooffee Flow (Torro Torro Remix) 0:05:19 Torro Torro 2010
Kode9 & The Spaceape Victims 0:03:52 Memories of the Future 2006
John Acquaviva Lord Of The Bling 0:03:57 From Saturday to Sunday Vol. 5 2004
Deetron Vesuvio 0:03:45 Parts Unknown: Subject Detroit vol. 3 2005
Luke Slater Stars and Heroes (Felix da Housecat – Thee Glitz Mix) 0:08:13 Stars and Heroes 2002
Miss Kitten Neukölln 2 0:03:06 I Com 2004
Daedelus Remix of Nothing 0:04:04 Throw a Fit 2006
RJD2 Good Times Roll Pt. 2 0:04:59 Dead Ringer 2002
Crystal Castles Intimate 0:04:45 Crystal Castles II 2010
The Chemical Brothers Star Guitar 0:06:27 Come With Us 2002

Hour 2 – Kyle Hall

KMFH the den Detroit Mix – (1 Hour and 13 Min of straight KMFH audio)

Hour 3

Paperclip People Floor 0:05:54 The Secret Tapes Of Dr. Eich 1996
Boys Noize Shine Shine 0:06:00 Oi Oi Oi 2007
Daft Punk Voyager 0:03:48 Discovery 2001
Bloc Party Banquet (Phones Disco Edit) 0:05:27 Silent Alarm Remixed 2005
Clark Suns Of Temper 0:05:47 Totems Flare 2009
Flying Lotus Parisian Goldfish 0:03:01 Los Angeles 2008
John Tejada Mono On Mono 0:05:16 Fabric 44 2009
John Tejada Lost In Thought 0:05:20 Fabric 44 2009
John Tejada Western Starland 0:04:42 Fabric 44 2009
John Tejada After School Special 0:05:20 Fabric 44 2009
John Tejada The End Of It All 0:09:29 Fabric 44 2009

*** Check back for photos in 2-3 days!***


~ by thedendetroit on July 15, 2010.

One Response to “July 10th Show – KMFH”

  1. […] full live spin he did for the den can be found here. Also, check out the show that aired with his interview July 10th, 2010. Spinning for the den Detroit 07.10.10 Mixing and spinning. Spinning and mixing. […]

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