June 26th Show

Daaang summer’s really starting to take over my mind but the den is still coming to you strong! I’m just sacrificing a nice summer tan for it… haha, that’s a lie, I don’t tan anyway ;). I think the last 60 minutes of the show are particularly pleasant to the ears, but listen to hour 2 for some remixessssss!

For next week (or 2 weeks) we’re trying to get Kyle Hall into the studio for some interviewing and live-spinning action. Let’s cross our fingers y’all!

Hour 1

Eliot Lipp Check Weight 0:02:37 Tacoma Mocking Bird 2005
Moby Natural Blues 0:04:14 Play 1999
Vitalic Repair Machines 0:03:46 Ok Cowboy 2005
Crystal Castles Vanished 0:04:03 Crystal Castles 2008
!!! (chick chick chick) Myth Takes 0:02:24 Myth Takes 2007
YéYé Bachelor Party 0:03:53 Two Brains For Feet 2004
Daft Punk Veridis Quo 0:05:45 Discovery 2001
Yelle A Cause Des Garçons 0:03:48 Pop-Up 2008
Justice New Jack 0:03:37 Cross 2007
Dan Deacon Baltihorse 0:06:22 Bromst 2009
Flying Lotus Testament (feat. Gonja Sufi) 0:02:29 Los Angeles 2008
Daedelus Lights Out 0:03:13 Denies The Day’s Demise 2006
Cut Chemist What’s the Altitude (feat. Hymnal) 0:04:24 The Audience’s Listening 2006
Paperclip People Throw (Unreleased Version) 0:08:56 Sessions CD 1 Mixed By Carl Craig 1996

Hour 2
– It’s a re-re-remix [hour]!

Wolfram Hall Of Shame (Skatebard remix) 0:06:09 Diskokaine 2010
The Whip Trash (Bloody Beetroots Remix) 0:04:39 none
Miss Kitten Professional Distortion (Modeselektor Remix) 0:04:49 Mixing Me (EP) 2005
Etienne De Crecy FUNK (Bloody Beetroots Remix) 0:03:52 Let Your Washing Machine Speak:  The Bloody Beetroots Remixes) 2007
Feist My Moon My Man (Boys Noize Remix) 0:06:42 Oi Oi Oi 2007
Bloc Party Hidden Track (Remix) 0:05:14 Silent Alarm Remixed 2005
Flying Lotus 1983 (Daedelus Odd-dance Party Remix) 0:03:55 1983 2006
Alex Gopher The Child (Faze Action White Wall Tea Party Mix) 0:07:00 You, My Baby & I 2000
Rhythm & Sound Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig Remix) 0:04:11 Sessions CD 1 mixed by Carl Craig 2006
Late Night Alumni I Knew You When (Kaskade’s Mix) 0:04:30 House of Om 2005
Niels Van Gogh vs. Eniac Pul Verturm 2.0 (Eric Smax and Thomas Gold Remix) 0:03:15 Pioneer the Album vol. 8 2007
Karsh Kale Manifest (Radiohiro Remix) 0:06:04 Manifest Remixes 2006

Hour 3

Tobacco Heavy Makeup 0:04:45 Maniac Meat 2010
Four Tet Spirit Fingers 0:03:22 Rounds 2003
Hudson Mohawke Yonard 0:03:12 Polyfolk Dance 2009
Gonjasufi DedNd 0:03:38 A Sufi And A Killer 2010
The Chemical Brothers In Dust We Trust 0:05:17 Exit Planet Dust 1995
Simian Mobile Disco Hustler 0:03:45 Attack Decay Sustain Release 2007
Orbital Nothing Left 2 0:08:21 The Middle Of Nowhere 1999
Kevin Saunderson (Reese & Santonio) Bounce Your Body To The Box 0:05:22 Elevator
DJ Bone Revival 0:02:52 Parts Unknown: Subject Detroit Vol. 3 2005
Cut Chemist Bunky’s Pick: 7 Minutes and 48 Seconds of Funk 0:07:48 Bunky’s Pick 2001
RJD2 Good Times Roll Pt. 2 0:04:59 Dead Ringer
Pretty Lights Sunday School 0:06:31 Passing By Behind Your Eyes 2009

~ by thedendetroit on June 29, 2010.

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