June 12th Show

So as I’m preparing an edition of Scandinavian electronic music for next week’s show, I thought it’d be a good time to put up last week’s edition. The first hour is full of longer tracks, Simian Mobile Disco interview in the second hour! Mos def worth a listen (and a download). That hour finishes off with a fabriclive mix by Buraka Som Sistema. I recommend the third hour for its good selection of music. Enjoy!


A few changes to the track listen format… first column is start time (the time the track aired), second is the duration of the track, then artist, title, album.

Hour 1

9:00:13 PM 0:06:22 Pendulum Plasticworld feat. Fats &TC Hold Your Colour
9:06:34 PM 0:06:16 Karsh Kale Distance Distance
9:13:09 PM 0:06:58 Paul Van Dyk Nothing But You feat. Hemstock & Jennings Reflections
9:20:08 PM 0:03:18 Dobenbeck feat. Joanna Please Don’t Go none
9:23:22 PM 0:04:16 MGMT Flash Delirium Congratulations
9:27:39 PM 0:09:40 Moodymann Music People Silentintroduction
9:37:20 PM 0:06:23 FALSE Zilker Park FALSE
9:43:43 PM 0:06:16 Punisher Drop Air Not Bombs Binary Dub EP
9:50:00 PM 0:06:50 Josh Wink Back In Tha’ Day Herehear
9:56:50 PM 0:03:49 The Crystal Method Realizer Legion of Boom

Hour 2 – Simian Mobile Disco Interview and mix by Buraka Som Sistema

Download Link (right click, save as)

10:00:44 PM 0:03:45 Simian Mobile Disco Hustler Attack Decay Sustain Release
10:06:02 PM 0:04:12 Simian Mobile Disco 10000 Horses Can’t Be Wrong Temporary Pleasure
10:12:22 PM 0:04:59 Simian Mobile Disco Sleep Deprivation Attack Decay Sustain Release
10:20:15 PM 0:04:23 Simian Mobile Disco Aspic (live) Delicacies
10:27:30 PM 0:03:30 Simian Mobile Disco Cruel Intentions Temporary Pleasure
10:31:16 PM 0:02:31 Roulet Vs. DJ Znobia Bad Jóras/Eu Me Remexo Muito Fabriclive 49
10:33:45 PM 0:01:36 Emalkay When I Look At You Fabriclive 49
10:35:21 PM 0:01:35 Octa Push feat. Tony Clean Deixa Fabriclive 49
10:36:57 PM 0:03:50 L-Vis 1990 United Groove (Buraka Som Sistema Remix) Fabriclive 49
10:40:47 PM 0:01:02 Stenchman Puking Over Fabriclive 49
10:41:49 PM 0:02:03 Sub Focus feat. Culture Shock Move Higher Fabriclive 49
10:43:52 PM 0:02:44 Deekline & Wizard feat.  Ivory, DJ Fresh Blow (The Bomb) Fabriclive 49
10:46:36 PM 0:01:39 Deadmau5 Meets Daft Punk FML / Revolution 909 Fabriclive 49
10:48:15 PM 0:02:00 Buraka Som Sistema Vs. Technotronic Ic19 / Pump Up the Jam Fabriclive 49
10:50:15 PM 0:03:39 Buraka Som Sistema Aqui Pra Voçês (Buratronic Mix) Fabriclive 49
10:53:54 PM 0:03:26 Drop The Lime Hear Me (Buraka Som Sistema Remix) Fabriclive 49
10:57:20 PM 0:02:27 Number Nin6 She Fabriclive 49

Hour 3

11:00:10 PM 0:03:05 Air Mer Du Japon Pocket Symphony
11:03:20 PM 0:04:50 The Chemical Brothers Saturate We Are The Night
11:08:10 PM 0:05:19 Deadmau5 Cat On A Leash Cat On A Leash single
11:13:27 PM 0:07:19 Trentemøller Sycamore Feeling (Gui Boratto Remix) Sycamore Feeling
11:20:44 PM 0:06:56 The Field Over The Ice From Here We Go Sublime
11:27:34 PM 0:01:58 Flying Lotus Nose Art Cosmogramma
11:29:33 PM 0:03:48 Nosaj Thing Caves Drift
11:33:21 PM 0:03:35 YéYé The End Of The Beginning Two Brains For Feet
11:37:16 PM 0:02:01 Tobacco Motorlicker Maniac Meat
11:39:17 PM 0:03:37 Röyksopp Eple Melody A.M.
11:42:53 PM 0:05:24 The Glitch Mob A Dream Within A Dream Drink The Sea
11:48:09 PM 0:05:31 Pretty Lights Future Blind Making Up A Changing Mind
11:53:40 PM 0:06:22 DJ Spooky Dazed And Confused Dub The Secret Song

~ by thedendetroit on June 15, 2010.

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