May 15th Show – Updated

So far (Tuesday) I’ve just managed to put up the audio from May 15th.  I’ll be coming back with a track listing tomorrow (Wednesday) so check back for that if you’re interested. We had a few interviews taking up the last 2 hours of the show and so I have to remember which songs played before I can put that up.
*** Done and done! Track listing for the interviews are listed below the audio player! Bam!*** also, the hours have been made available for download.

Till later,

Hour 1

YéYé Bachelor Party 0:04:53 Two Brains For Feet 2004
Eliot Lipp Tic Tac 0:03:06 Tacoma Mocking Bird 2005
Clark Totem Crackerjack 0:05:25 Totems Flare 2009
Ghostland Observatory Robotique Majestique 0:05:01 Robotique Majestique 2008
John Starlight Blood Angels 0:05:48 The Sound of the Third Season 2002
MSTRKRFT Vuvuvu 0:03:39 Fist of God 2009
The Bloody Beetroots Ezekiel Eats Red Hoodie 0:04:31 2007
Scratch Massive Girls On Top 0:04:31 Time 2007
Theo Parrish Reaction To Plastic 0:06:02 Parallel Dimesions 2000
Flying Lotus Auntie’s Harp 0:00:56 Los Angeles 2008
Pretty Lights I Can See It In Your Face 0:06:48 Making Up A Changing Mind 2010
E-Dancer (Kevin Saunderson) Velocity Funk 0:05:11 Elevator
Paperclip People Oscillator (Original) 0:04:59 Sessions CD1 mixed by Carl Craig 1996

Hour 2 – Punisher (Detroit) and Hudson Mohawke

Tracks by Punisher (in order of play):
1. Floating Beyond Reason (Original Mix)- 0:08:44
2. Bullfrog Jack- 0:08:17
3. Time Shift (Punisher Remix) – 0:07:21
4. Thermal Underwear (John Selway Remix) – 0:08:54

Tracks by Hudson Mohawke:
1. Velvet Feel – 0:02:16
2. No One Could Ever – 0:02:19
3. Overnight – 0:02:49
4. FUSE – 0:03:10

Download link (Right click, save link as): the den May 15 Hour 2

Hour 3 – Stacey Pullen


Download Link: the den May 15 Hour 3

<big><strong>Hour 1</strong></big>

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