Real Scenes: Detroit

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Invigorating 18-minute documentary on the state of electronic music in Detroit today. What the culture was like in its infancy, and comments about where it is now and its future. Commentary from Mike Huckaby, Kyle Hall, Brendan Gillen, and a few more awesome guys. Viva la Detroit!

Real Scenes: Detroit A collabo between Bench and Resident Advisor

Realscenes: Detroit


Movement:Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival Photo Slideshow

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Movement 2011 was another success. The organizers (Paxahau) boast another record in sales this year. Attendance to the event more than doubled in 2011 than in 2005, the first year tickets had to be purchased in order to attend. This year, 99,282 tickets were reported to be sold. Luckily, not everyone showed up to the festival at once seeing as Hart Plaza can only hold some 40,000 people. 😉

My favorite acts this year didn’t deviate far from the Red Bull Music Academy stage. I was first introduced to Beardyman at Ultra Music Festival in Miami earlier this year and wasn’t disappointed by his performance at Movement. One of the best acts in Detroit this year. I’ll stick my neck out to say that. Right before Beardyman, Eliot Lipp put on a set that had an awkward beginning, something more out of a festival in the 50s I’d imagine (lots of old tunes), but he realized that he was in Detroit after all and it’s the year 2011 so quickly he picked up the pace of his set and finished out strong. Though I was weak from dancing so much by the end of it.

Innocently walking by the Movement: Torino stage, I was caught up in the sounds Dabura was blasting at an ear-popping volume but I stayed just long enough to be able to hear something other than a monotonous ringing for the rest of the day. Anthony Attalla, of course, didn’t leave anyone not in a sweat, even himself after his 2 hour 15 minute set underground on the Made In Detroit stage, one of my favorites! Fatboy Slim closed out the festival with a mix of the new and the old. But definitely the jamming. And I was very impressed with MiMOSA‘s energy on stage. I think he was loving moving more than the crowd (but don’t doubt that the crowd wasn’t sweaty and lovin’ it). Flying Lotus had an awesome set but due to time-constraints finished a little weak.

Still on the way, interview with Fatboy Slim and videos of select few sets. Enjoy the photos till then. 😉 Photographs are all in chronological order (some good ones of MiMOSA and Flying Lotus are toward the back!). Photos are only from Sunday and Monday as I was out of town the first day of the festival. So sad to have missed Hudson Mohawke twice now… :/

pssst. Click on the photo to go to the slideshow…!

Movement, better known as D.E.M.F.!

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Mmm feeling good after Movement, Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival. Got lots of great photos and even better video. We’ve got all that on the way including an interview with Fatboy Slim and hopefully Carl Craig and Anthony Attalla on the way. Check back soon!


Vietnam Update

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So after a long 4 weeks in Southeast Asia (including some travels around the place) I’ve come to find there is no music scene in Vietnam. It just plain doesn’t exist. Bob Dylan (pronounced Dye-Lohn by the Viets) did play here a few weeks ago which was pretty monumental considering he’s never played in Saigon and never thought he would. On the other hand I talked to a Viet that was excitedly awaiting the Backstreet Boys to come in concert. I ask, “have they even come out with a new album lately?” To which the Viet (name, Vuy) shrugs his shoulder and replies, “I dunno, I don’t think so?” I have to admit, this made me chuckle.

But besides that and on the serious side, music isn’t encouraged here nor are the Viets exposed to any incredible influences like many in the West are. If you’re in an environment where good music is all around and there are plenty opportunities to play, one might try the guitar, drums, etc. and realize they’re good at it and it gives them great pleasure to keep playing. Here, that doesn’t happen often and also on the sad side, many people have to worry themselves more with finding the next day’s meal than to spend that money on an instrument. Plus, when is there the time to play when you have to work? Children begin work here as soon as they learn how to walk (in some certain sad cases).

Thailand was a different story. Plenty of music there though I won’t quote whether it was good or bad. I’m sure there is good music there, but I didn’t hear any of it. Though the music I did hear was on Khaosan Rd. and many people aren’t in a state to keep an organized band going there… 😉 Though Thailand was much influenced by the West in the 60s and 70s when many American soldiers would vacation there during their time off in the army thus bringing a lot of the hippie culture and music scene to the Thai. You’ll see many older Thai counterparts of former 60s and 70s rockers who jammed to Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Deep Purple, etc.

I really wish I had more music to report on, but trust me, I’m starved for it here myself. Detroit in 5 days! Can’t wait! Immediately going to go see Zoos of Berlin with Deadbeat Beat and then DEMF! It’s going to be epic. More news on what will be with the den at that time. Till then, enjoy the good omens from my first day (first minutes) in Vietnam,

March 26th Show

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Phew, this is the one year mark for the den and like I’ve been alluding the last and final show until further notice. To celebrate and to end, I’ve put together a list of classic electronic songs in the first half hour of the first hour. And I went with my better judgement and left Darude – Sandstorm outta the equation. 😛

The third hour I’ve been meaning to compile for a while. It’s all the music on my external hard drive that I grabbed while on my travels in Europe. Some good and interesting stuff on there!

Look for updates on music in Vietnam, generally in southeast Asia.


Hour 1

22:00:00 0:09:41 Music People Moodymann Silentintroduction 1997
22:09:40 0:03:32 Lose You Peaches I Feel Cream 2009
22:13:11 0:04:46 Girl And The Sea The Presets Beams 2005
22:17:52 0:05:20 Stingray Public Relations Weirdcore 2 2010
22:23:35 0:04:48 Dead Dogs Lord Scrummage From The Future 2009
22:28:22 0:02:44 Kowboyz&Indians Gonjasufi A Sufi And A Killer 2010
22:31:00 0:03:24 Come To Light Goldenrod Painting For Prophets 2009
22:34:22 0:03:21 Twin Of Myself Black Moth Super Rainbow Eating Us 2009
22:38:20 0:04:06 Psychic Chasms Neon Indian Psychic Chasms 2009
22:42:22 0:04:34 Smile Around The Face Four Tet Everything Ecstatic 2005
22:46:51 0:04:20 We Could Forever Bonobo Black Sands 2010
22:51:07 0:05:16 Odessa Caribou Swim 2010
22:56:49 0:04:02 Suffocation Crystal Castles Crystal Castles (II) 2010

Hour 2 – CLASSICS! (First half hour only)

21:00:32 0:03:44 Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Daft Punk Discovery 2001
21:04:15 0:03:29 Honey Moby Play 1999
21:07:35 0:04:15 Oxygene (Part IV) Jean-Michel Jarre Oxygene 1977
21:12:06 0:05:25 Traffic DJ Tiesto Just Be 2004
21:17:31 0:04:02 D.A.N.C.E. Justice Cross 2007
21:21:32 0:05:43 Smack My Bitch Up The Prodigy The Fat Of The Land 1997
21:27:22 0:03:15 Ghosts ‘n Stuff (ft. Rob Swire) Deadmau5 For Lack Of A Better Name 2009
21:30:37 0:03:39 GNB BNG Flying Lotus Los Angeles 2008
21:34:16 0:04:08 Born Free M.I.A. Maya 2010
21:38:30 0:03:15 Hairy Candy Tobacco Fucked Up Friends 2008
21:41:45 0:06:16 The Garden Cut Chemist The Audience’s Listening 2006
21:48:00 0:06:29 3rd Eye Men With Sticks Fabric 14 2003
21:54:30 0:02:11 All Caps Madvillain Madvillainy 2004
21:57:10 0:03:35 Pachuca Sunrise Minus The Bear Menos El Oso 2005

Hour 3 – External Hard-drive Music from Europe

23:01:42 0:03:56 Tech7 Abfahrt Hinwil Links Berge, Rechts Seen 2002
23:05:36 0:03:38 Zaira Astyplaz Buddha Bar XI – Lavra 2009
23:09:14 0:05:52 Celcius Swayzak Dirty Dancing 2002
23:15:36 0:05:26 Fuckaz ft. Spaceape The Bug London Zoo 2008
23:21:00 0:05:47 Para One (Midnight Swim (Surking Drowning Mix) Surkin Action Replay 2007
23:26:40 0:05:20 What Tomorrow Brings Psychofreud Ragga Jungle Dubplates
23:31:58 0:05:43 Instinkt PDF Minimal Funk 2009
23:38:26 0:03:19 This Way Psapp The Only Thing I Ever Wanted 2006
23:41:42 0:05:13 None of Dem (feat. Röyksopp) Robyn Body Talk, Pt. 1 2010
23:46:51 0:03:39 Borino Oro Shantel Siddharta: Spirit of Buddha Bar 2006
23:50:30 0:06:43 Big Bud Mombassa Siddharta: Spirit of Buddha Bar 2003
23:57:40 0:04:33 Witch Box Gong Gong Mary’s Spring 2008

March 19th Show

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Third hour is all mashups. Just played out two albums in their entirety. The first from one of the greatest hip hop producers Detroit has ever seen – J Dilla (member of Slum Village) and The Beach Boys. Expertly done by Bullion, the album is truly something unique. The second mashup just came out this year, for fans of the Black Keys or Big Boi (member of Outkast), check it!

Yummy tunes the first two hours. Pay attention to Matthew Dear, Claude Vonstroke, Duck Sauce, Ruxpin, and Madvillain.

Hour 1

21:00:00 0:05:11 Velocity Funk E-Dancer Elevator
21:05:08 0:05:55 Electro Corrida Alchemist Project none
21:11:02 0:04:01 No One Knows (Queens Of The Stone Age) Scratch Perverts Watch The Ride 2007
21:15:15 0:05:57 Der Mond Moonbootica Moonlight Welfare 2007
21:21:11 0:04:10 Lay Of The Land Plej Electronic Music From The Swedish Leftcoast 2003
21:25:20 0:04:15 Electronic Electro David Amo & Julio Navas Pres. Paco Maroto Back 2 Basics 2005
21:29:35 0:04:05 Subsonic Drive Disco D Coming From Tha D, Installment: Ghettotech 1999
21:34:03 0:02:58 Bonkers Dizzee Rascal & Armand Van Helden Tongue ‘n’ Cheek 2009
21:36:58 0:00:28 Limelite Drum Machine: Original Mike Huckaby Deq Detroit Electronic Quarterly 2005
21:37:24 0:02:25 Call Me When You Get There Ruxpin Weirdcore 3 2010
21:39:50 0:06:23 Isabel Steve Angello Legends Of Electro 2009
21:46:24 0:03:21 Pressure (w/Wajeed ft. Ta’Raach) Dabrye Two/Three 2006
21:49:44 0:02:12 Meat Grinder Madvillain Madvillainy 2004
21:51:55 0:03:37 Hooligans (VIP Mix) Example Won’t Go Quietly 2010
21:55:58 0:03:17 Barbra Streisand Duck Sauce single 2010

Hour 2

22:00:00 0:04:12 Sykur Sykur Weirdcore 2 2010
22:04:10 0:04:48 Force Of Suction Bassnectar Mesmerizing The Ultra 2005
22:08:59 0:03:49 Neon Rocks Calvin Harris I Created Disco 2007
22:12:46 0:02:20 Apollo-Gize (Final Mix) Digitalism Idealism 2007
22:15:45 0:05:40 Past Machine Lali Puna I Thought I Was Over That 2005
22:21:21 0:02:40 Pom Pom Matthew Dear Asa Breed 2007
22:24:00 0:02:48 Toop Toop Cassius 15 Again 2007
22:26:45 0:04:24 What’s The Altitude Cut Chemist ft. Hymnal The Audience’s Listening 2006
22:31:50 0:03:01 Parisian Goldfish Flying Lotus Los Angeles 2008
22:34:50 0:05:31 Spider Parov Stelar The Flame of Fame EP 2008
22:40:20 0:03:23 Like You Said Scratch Massive Time 2007
22:47:13 0:06:04 Who’s Afraid Of Detroit Claude Vonstroke Beware Of The Bird 2006
22:53:18 0:06:49 Black Sands Bonobo Blacks Sands 2010
23:00:05 0:05:45 Sun Caribou Swim 2010
23:05:47 0:09:32 Unspoken Four Tet Rounds 2003


Hour 3 – Mashup hour. First half = J Dilla/The Beach Boys [Pet Sounds – The Key of Dee]
Second half = Big Boi and The Black Keys [The Brothers of Chico Dusty]

23:01:09 0:01:03 Pet Sounds J Dilla/The Beach Boys Pet Sounds – The Key of Dee 2007
23:02:11 0:01:26 Sloop Jay D J Dilla/The Beach Boys Pet Sounds – The Key of Dee 2007
23:03:37 0:02:39 Lets Go Away Fro A While J Dilla/The Beach Boys Pet Sounds – The Key of Dee 2007
23:06:17 0:02:23 I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times J Dilla/The Beach Boys Pet Sounds – The Key of Dee 2007
23:08:40 0:01:21 Here Today J Dilla/The Beach Boys Pet Sounds – The Key of Dee 2007
23:10:01 0:01:27 Caroline, No J Dilla/The Beach Boys Pet Sounds – The Key of Dee 2007
23:11:28 0:01:52 God Only Knows J Dilla/The Beach Boys Pet Sounds – The Key of Dee 2007
23:13:20 0:02:25 You Still Believe In Dee J Dilla/The Beach Boys Pet Sounds – The Key of Dee 2007
23:15:44 0:01:24 I Know There’s An Answer J Dilla/The Beach Boys Pet Sounds – The Key of Dee 2007
23:17:05 0:02:09 Wouldn’t It Be Nice J Dilla/The Beach Boys Pet Sounds – The Key of Dee 2007
23:19:13 0:02:24 That’s Not Dee J Dilla/The Beach Boys Pet Sounds – The Key of Dee 2007
23:21:37 0:01:50 I’m Waiting For The Day J Dilla/The Beach Boys Pet Sounds – The Key of Dee 2007
23:23:26 0:02:21 Don’t Talk J Dilla/The Beach Boys Pet Sounds – The Key of Dee 2007
23:26:26 0:03:35 You Ain’t The Next DJ ft. Yelawolf Wick-it the Instigator The Brothers of Chico Dusty 2010
23:30:00 0:03:30 Afraid Of The General Wick-it the Instigator The Brothers of Chico Dusty 2010
23:33:26 0:03:00 Everlasting Shine Blockaz ft. Gucci Mane Wick-it the Instigator The Brothers of Chico Dusty 2010
23:36:24 0:02:49 The Only Fat Sax Wick-it the Instigator The Brothers of Chico Dusty 2010
23:39:10 0:03:23 Black Bug Wick-it the Instigator The Brothers of Chico Dusty 2010
23:42:31 0:02:38 Follow The One ft. Vonnegutt Wick-it the Instigator The Brothers of Chico Dusty 2010
23:45:06 0:03:30 Go Get Tangerine ft. T.I. Wick-it the Instigator The Brothers of Chico Dusty 2010
23:48:35 0:03:36 Backup Pistol Wick-it the Instigator The Brothers of Chico Dusty 2010

March 12th Show

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Finally getting a bit caught up on the wordpress… Still no luck on the computer, haven’t been able to retrieve many files (namely the track listing for the two previous shows) but luckily this  week I have a track listing as I made the show from WDET and haven’t lost the external that all that information is on (knock on wood).


Hour 1

21:01:48 0:04:16 Fleece On Brain Matthew Dear Asa Breed Ghostly International
21:06:04 0:05:52 Ethiopo Noze Songs On The Rocks Circus Company/Get Physical Music
21:11:53 0:04:40 Sugar Parov Stelar That Swing Etage Noir Recordings
21:16:50 0:01:53 Polkamatic Vitalic OK Cowboy Uncivilized World
21:18:40 0:07:54 Kidsos (Wippenberg Mix) Sebastian Ingrosso Kidsos Refune Records
21:26:28 0:07:52 Roads Become Rivers (Rivers Become Oceans – Four Tet Remix) Rothko Remixes Domino Recording Company Ltd.
21:34:15 0:02:51 Slowdance (How To Dress Well Séance) Matthew Dear Slowdance EP Ghostly International
21:37:06 0:04:32 Brian Eno MGMT Congratulations Columbia
21:41:36 0:02:55 Happy Up Here (Breakbot Remix) Röyksopp Hey Kids! Wall of Sound
21:44:33 0:05:57 Der Mond Moonbootica Moonlight Welfare Kontor Records, Moonbootique Recordings
21:50:08 0:03:27 Fabryka Hitów (Lux Ferro Remix) Monopol Remixed In Poland Fonografika
21:53:52 0:04:42 Wir Tanzen Abteilung Ton (5Felix Rennefeld Remix) From Saturday To Sunday vol 5 Clubstar
21:58:33 0:02:59 Deny Selected Boys Noize Oi Oi Oi Last Gang Records, Turbo


Hour 2

22:00:24 0:02:52 Ephemeral Artery Neon Indian Psychic Chasms Lefse Records
22:03:14 0:05:19 Drummer Boys Noize Power Boysnoize Records
22:08:29 0:04:12 Hide And Seek In Geisha’s Garden Booka Shade Movements Get Physical Music
22:12:40 0:05:00 After School Special Detroit Grand Pubahs Funk All Y’all Intuit-Solar
22:18:06 0:05:32 Spoon Cut Chemist The Audience’s Listening Warner Bros. Records
22:23:37 0:08:00 Center of Gravity Umek single Proton Music
22:31:30 0:06:56 Over The Ice The Field From Here We Go Sublime Kompakt
22:38:22 0:05:05 Banjo E-Dancer Heavenly Play It Again Sam (PIAS)
22:43:16 0:01:24 I Know There’s An Answer J Dilla/The Beach Boys Pet Sounds – The Key of Dee Not On Label
22:45:27 0:04:15 MmmHmm (feat. Thundercat) Flying Lotus Cosmogramma Warp Records
22:49:52 0:02:58 Party With Children Ratatat LP4 XL Recordings
22:52:40 0:02:17 Shot In The Dark RJD2 Dead Ringer Definitive Jux
22:54:52 0:06:41 Manifest (Desert Dwellers Remix) Karsh Kale Manifest Remixes Six Degrees Records


Hour 3

23:00:05 0:03:44 Jump Up feat. Leftside & Supahyp (Co-Produced by the Crookers) Major Lazer Guns Don’t Kill People… Lazers Do Downtown Music, Mad Decent
23:03:48 0:03:28 Galang M.I.A. Arular XL Recordings
23:07:16 0:03:54 My Computer Josh Dahlberg Ego/Timid Blank Artists
23:11:08 0:05:18 Arf (Bassnectar Remix) Bassnectar Mesmerizing The Ultra [Disc 2] Organic Music
23:16:26 0:04:12 Air War Crystal Castles Crystal Castles Last Gang Records
23:20:38 0:04:53 One Pure Thought Hot Chip Made In The Dark EMI
23:25:31 0:03:17 I Believe Simian Mobile Disco Attack Decay Sustain Release Wichita
23:29:10 0:04:44 Woof Woof Dan Deacon Bromst Carpart Records
23:33:52 0:06:12 Amazing (DJ Feel Instrumental Remix) Inna Amazing WEB Airplay Records, Universal Music Strategic Marketing
23:40:01 0:04:31 AA XXX Peaches The Teaches of Peaches XL Recordings
23:44:31 0:05:02 Allergic Miss Kitten Mixing Me EP Labels
23:49:31 0:04:29 The Girl And The Robot Röyksopp Junior Wall Of Sound, EMI Music (France)
23:54:00 0:06:13 Unknown Track 01 Tom Piper unknown 777 Records